Comfort Ijomah, Nigeria

“I was cautious of using a computer because I had a very limited knowledge of it and I’d always think that it had to do with a lot of technicalities. I didn’t know the function of the “strange names” on some of the keys apart from lettering and numbering, so I was always scared of typing the wrong keys and spoiling something. I believed the computer can only be understood by experts and I’ve always wanted to become one.

Three months before I came to the Intel She Will Connect Program, I had just been admitted into the Niger Delta University to study Petroleum Engineering but the academic staff went on strike over non-payment of salaries. This made me sad and I had no choice but to come back to Lagos. Two months in Lagos with nothing to show for it, also with the news that government wants to close down the school for lack of funds; then I realized that there’s no hope of resuming anytime soon. I couldn’t stop asking myself “what else will I do with my life now?” An elder in my congregation told me about the L.I.F.E. Program and introduced me to one of the students who was undergoing the program then.

Now, I’m able to use the computer, I can work on Spreadsheet, Word Processing, create database and presentations all using the Microsoft applications I learnt during the training. Also, I’m no longer scared of the using the “strange keys” (as I used to call them back then). The Life Skills classes were timely and productive as well. How have I used the knowledge gained from the training?

Towards the end of my training, I received news that the school has finally resolved their issues and I had to return. I looked back and realized that God had actually made it worthwhile for me. I couldn’t think of a better opportunity than this, to make myself useful. Now that I’m back to school, I created time to enlighten interested students in my hostel and share with them the things I’ve learnt during the duration of my training. I am happy about their progress because they started from knowing nothing. It was really worth the while because I’ve gained useful knowledge that’ll definitely help me, now and in the future.”

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