Jessica, Nigeria

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Jessica is a vibrant, young woman, intelligent and likes exploring life. She is an excellent hairdresser living in Mushin, Nigeria. When she enrolled in a training on computer skills with the Intel® Learn Program Easy Steps computer course in 2015, she was excited. Little did she know this would open her up to a world of possibilities for her hair dressing business.

“This is a place I never thought I would go,” says Jessica Orji, talking about the Internet café near her home in Mushin, Nigeria. She believed that computers were only for Internet scammers and pornographers, and couldn’t imagine they had any relevance in her life or her hairdressing business.

Because many women have a low self- esteem and negative attitude on matters of exploring technology, she always felt that computers were not for her. But only for the ‘’Yahoo boys’’ in the village who only wanted to use it to scam and cheat people online.

“I still cannot believe that I now use the computer and even the Internet.” – Jessica

“Now I love the computer,” she says. “With the Internet, I can reach more people. I can advertise my business online through my new Facebook account, and even create fliers for my business. I can also make a budget to plan my finances. As a result of the training, for the first time, I went to the café to browse the Internet. The training completely changed my perception of computers and [the] Internet.”

For women like Jessica who participate in the Intel She Will Connect program, the benefits are immediate. She has new hope that through online advertising she will be able to build her business and earn enough to continue her education and open her own salon. “The Internet will open so many opportunities for women,” she says, adding that her new-found love of computers is spreading: “My mum is a caterer. We went to the café to make fliers for her business, showing proper and clear description of her full catering services. She has gotten some new customers through those fliers. We are hoping we will be able to get a personal computer at home, as the entire family is excited about this new discovery.”

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