Precious, South Africa

Precious Image

“I use the Internet to connect with my parents who are far away from me. I see them about three or four times a year. It’s important for me to stay in contact with them. I have also been able to find friends who I’ve lost contact with.” – Precious

Precious’ parents live in another city; she lives with her grandmother. She is interested in genetics and loves music-especially the saxophone. She calls herself a good listener and would someday like to be President of South Africa.

“I do most of my research work online. For research, the first thing I go to is the library, and then I’ll go to the Internet. I was doing my chemistry project, investigating an element. I had to choose one from the Periodic Table. My team and I chose Tantalum, number 73. I didn’t know Tantalum was so important, so that’s one thing that I learned.

I sometimes have a problem with my math, my Algebra. I look online and that helps me.”

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